The Best Fashion Brands That Make Me Proud to Live in Bali

Some of the world’s best fashion designers hail from Bali, often having studied at one of top fashion colleges. Naturally, Bali is also the place to find their boutiques and flagship stores. Whether you’re visiting Bali and want to take some of Bali best fashion designs home with you, or you live in the capital and want to support homegrown talent, here are some of Bali’s most well known fashion labels.

Best Fashion Brand in Bali



In Indonesian, rimba means jungle or deep, virgin forest. In fairy tales — be they versions by the Grimms’ or in Indonesian folklore — rimba is a place where storytellers take us, to make us aware of the unknown and the unexplored.

Here, we feel the wildness of being alone with nature and a higher order. Our sensory awareness expands to a full 360 degrees, and we learn to take each step with caution, to inhale wonder and exhale faith.

About The Designer

Karunia Fischer was born, raised and educated in Bali. As a third-culture-kid to Swiss-Filipina parents, Karunia grew up encouraged to experiment, express, create, and above all, to be passionate about whatever she chose to do.

Immersed in Balinese culture and inspired by local artisans, painters and her entrepreneurial family, Karunia began designing her own clothes while still in middle school. She then stepped away from Bali’s shores to study design at Rhode Island School of Design and then International Relations in the Netherlands.

On her return from Europe she worked with a Hawaiian company to launch the swimwear line Noa Noa Hawaii, before branching out to create her own brand of sustainable clothing.