The Best Italian Restaurants in Bali

Bali’s Italian restaurant scene is as varied as the food-loving country itself, from old-school trattorias to small new-wave plates and the best homemade pasta. These are the best Italian restaurants in Bali, whether you want fresh antipasto, bowls of steaming risotto, hearty ragu, or boozy tiramisu.

Pull up a stool for an aperitivo, find a cozy candlelit corner, or book out a big table for a family feast. For more Italian inspiration, see HOW Bali pick of where to find the best restaurant in Bali.

Sa’Mesa Bali

Sa’Mesa is a state of the art concept that elevates normal Italian Family Style Dining into an almost fine dining like experience dinner concept in a Restaurant that features only 1 Table with 26 seats. Guests book one or several seats on our table for a fixed price shared style set menu with 20+ dishes and either Wine-, Cocktail- or Mocktail-Pairing.

All Sa’mesa guests sit together at one table as one big Italian Family enjoying a meal of the Highest Quality. What seems a little awkward initially turns out to be one of the best experiences ever.

Having been featured by Magazines such as Prestige, YAK Magazine, and Exquisite Media Group, we became the best-rated Restaurant in Bali that opened in 2021 with 500+ 5-Star Reviews on Google and Tripadvisor.

Within no time, Sa’Mesa has become the best-rated Restaurant of more than 400 Restaurants in Canggu and the Top 5 of more than 8000 Restaurants all over Bali. Sa’Mesa is nominated for several prestigious gastronomy awards worldwide in 2022.